The Academy prides itself on the behaviour and attitude to learning of all students. The correct wearing of the Academy uniform is central to this. By wearing our uniform, students visibly belong to the South Axholme community. By adhering to the dress code, students arrive at school ready to work, and staff are able to concentrate on the core business of teaching and learning.

The School Uniform is available from SWI Schoolwear, although blazers, trousers and shirts may be purchased from other sources as long as they adhere to the Academy's School Uniform Policy.

Ties may be purchased directly from South Axholme Academy along with the school badge for sewing onto plain blazers.

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South Axholme Academy Welcome Pack

South Axholme Academy Pricelist 2020

Uniform details

Academy Uniform from September 2020

Academy uniform can be purchased from any suitable outlet except ties which must be purchased directly from the academy and jumpers which may be obtained via SWI Schoolwear.

However, please ensure that anything purchased on the high street meets the specifications listed below.

Compulsory Uniform

black blazer with academy badge
full length plain black tailored trousers (not ankle grazers) or plain black tailored skirt (not shorter than 3 fingers widths above the knee nothing stretchy or clingy)
plain white shirt button up to neck (long or short sleeve)
Academy tie (available from the academy)
Plain black, flat shoes (no canvas shoes/trainers/sneakers of any kind, plimsolls and no boots). No coloured adornments and logos of any type etc on any footwear
Black or white socks (not over the knee) or black opaque tights

plain black belt with plain buckle
black academy jumper with purple trim (available in long or short sleeve options)
coat (not hoodies, denim or leather jackets)

The following are not allowed:
jewellery/piercings of any type, no Apple or android watches except a wrist watch
jeans, leggings, “skinny” clothing of any kind
make-up is discouraged, but if it is to be worn then it must be natural
nail varnish or acrylic nails are not permitted
extreme hairstyles including non-natural dyed hair, shaved/extremely short hair, Mohican and pattern/stripe shaving



black PE polo shirt with academy badge
black PE shorts with academy badge
Black sports socks with academy lettering
training shoes/football boots Optional
black ¼ zip training top with academy badge
black training pants with academy badge


gum shield


shin pads