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Welcome to the Isle Education Trust website. We hope that this site provides you with all the information you require regarding our Trust and that you will get a sense of the organisation we are and aspire to be. If you are interested in finding out more about Isle Education Trust please contact us.

  • South Axholme
  • Coritani
  • Epworth Primary

At South Axholme Academy we communicate with parents in a variety of ways. Information about the progress a student is making will be sent home typically three times each year in the form of a Progress Review Scan.

The purpose of the Progress Review Scan is to provide clear, regular and accurate information about a student and their progress towards their personal end of key stage targets.  It also provides an Attitude to Learning grade for each subject. This score grade a valuable overview of a student’s approach to learning over time.

The table below gives more detail of the types of behaviour typical shown by students for each of these grades

In addition, each scan gives the current attendance figures for a student.

Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8 and 9)

Students are assessed by each department/subject in their journey throughout the three year key stage. The assessment uses both formative and summative information to allow teachers to make a judgement as to what point a student is working in relation to their age related expected progress.  



Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11)

Once students have selected their four options a Target Grade for each subject studied will be generated.  The Target Grade indicates the grade we expect them to achieve at the end of Key Stage 4.  It is generated using Key Stage 2 scores and comparing with the historic performance of students of a similar ability nationally at the end of Key Stage 4*.  The Target Grade will be a number from 9 to 1 reflecting the GCSE grading system.  For BTECs/ Cambridge Nationals this will reflect their grading system e.g. L1P, L2M etc.

You will also find an expected grade which indicates if, at the present time we feel that your child is on track to achieve their target grade by the end of Year 11.  This grade is generated by subject teachers and takes into account a variety of factors including classwork, independent learning (homework tasks) and assessment data. 

The Academy scrutinises and analyses all of this data for every student after each scan to help ensure that all students are on track to achieve their potential and to allow us to provide support, challenge and intervention where necessary.

Once each year, parents are invited to attend a parents' evening where they can speak to all subject teachers who are involved with their child.

We actively encourage parents to contact the Academy at any time throughout the year, should they have a query regarding progress and not wait for scans or parents' evenings.  

* Please note the Target Grade is subject to review and may change.