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Welcome to the Isle Education Trust website. We hope that this site provides you with all the information you require regarding our Trust and that you will get a sense of the organisation we are and aspire to be. If you are interested in finding out more about Isle Education Trust please contact us.

  • South Axholme
  • Coritani
  • Epworth Primary



 S Barlow Principal 
 M Rock Vice Principal
 L Bullars Vice Principal
 C Barnes Assistant Principal
 D Marsh Assistant Principal, SENDCo and Designated Safeguarding Lead
 A Atkins Associate Assistant Principal
 L Jacklin Associate Assistant Principal
 R Kerrigher Associate Assistant Principal
 C Tillen PA to Principal

Teaching Staff

 K Benn Assistant Subject Leader Science
 S Brook Subject Leader Expressive and Performing Arts
 J Byrne Maths Teacher
 I Brooks Geography Teacher
 A Christensen English Teacher
 N Clamp History Teacher
 R Cranidge English Teacher
 K Clark RE Teacher
 P Clark Subject leader
 R Cunliffe English Teacher
 C D'Italia-Stevens Psychology Teacher
 K Dewsnap History Teacher
 J Dwyer PE Teacher
 L Dyer Strategy Leader English
R Elliott Maths Teacher
A Farleigh Assistant Subject Leader English
G Fenton Subject Leader Art
P Forster Subject Leader Maths
X Fons-Cortada Language Teacher
P Guthrie English Teacher 
K Cygan Assistant Subject Leader of Science
J Hamer Maths Teacher and Lead for PSHCE and RE
L Harrison PE Teacher
H Haywood Maths Teacher
H Hutton English Teacher
L Jacklin Subject Leader Science
C Johnson Dance Teacher
R Kerrigher Subject Leader English
T Kennedy English Teacher
N Mitchell History Teacher
G Narayanan Head of 6th Form and Science Teacher
J Naylor Science Teacher
S Peters Food Teacher
L Plowright Science Teacher
J Parkin Business Teacher
J Porter Maths Teacher
M Porter Assistant Subject Leader of Maths
M Prior Maths Teacher
M Smith Assistant Subject Leader English
H Schmidt Science Teacher
S Scott Geography Teacher
G Sheehan Art Teacher
L Sheppard Music Teacher
S Smaller IT/Computing Teacher
M Smart Geography Teacher
D Smith PE Teacher
J Spouncer Subject Leader PE
D Stockwell Subject Leader Food Technology
S Thompson Dance teacher
J Thomas Subject Leader MFL
E Walker Geography Teacher
A White Science Teacher
MWiles DT Teacher
J Wilson Science Teacher
J Wilson Science Teacher
R Wood Subject Leader Geography
I Wright Geography & English Teacher

Support Staff

H Bagshaw Careers Administrator
L Boggon Attendance and Welfare Officer
J Buttrick Assistant Teacher (Support)
E Clark Assistant Teacher (Coordinator)
R Clark Food Technician
N Deakin Data, Exams, Cover, Timetable Manager
J Drew Administrative Assistant
K Foster Assistant Teacher Officer
L Kingston Administration Assistant
F Fuller Senior Science Technician
E Garbutt Progress & Achievement Leader ( Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead KS4 )
Z Green Science Technician
A Haigh Assistant Teacher (Coordinator)
M Webster-Lawman Administration Assistants
J Lee Assistant Teacher (Officer)
V Lee Progress and Achievement Leader Key Stage 3
M Lewis Administration Assistants
C Ellis Examinations Officer
N Mattison Assistant Teacher (Support)
B May Lunchtime Supervisor
M Smith Lunchtime Supervisor
S Smith Lunchtime Supervisor
J Vickers Assistant Teacher (Coordinator)
S Wilks Lunchtime Supervisor
D Waterman-Kent Assistant Teacher (Coordinator)
J Williams Assistant Teacher (Support)

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Student Leadership

The Student Leadership Team is incredibly important to the Academy. It is an opportunity for students to voice their views on improvements to our school and to discuss the day-to-day running of the school. The team have had regular, exclusive form representative breakfasts in which they discuss the issues that affect our students the most and more importantly, the leaders have made a difference. The long list of ‘You Said, We Did’ has been delivered to all students and staff and has had a massive impact on raising the profile of the team. Issues addressed varied from pupils wanting to improve teaching and learning, to extracurricular activities and even the availability of food in different areas.

The new Student Leadership Team will be elected at the end of the first half term. Once elected the student leaders will receive training on the power of language and the oracy skills in order to confidently feedback to their form time peers. This also allows their peers to give their thoughts to the leaders so all students have a voice. In addition to this, the student will take part in activities to further understand how wider democracy works.‚Äč